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The game has changed. Online marketing in 2014 is all about optimized content. With their latest search engine algorithm update, Hummingbird, Google is now encouraging online marketers to produce and publish quality content for better search results.

“Businesses that blog at least 20x per month generate 5x more internet traffic and 4x more qualified leads.” – HubSpot

The bottom line; search engines love blogs!

There are plenty of reasons why you should be adding fresh and informative content to your website on a regular basis.

  • Position yourself as an expert in the field
  • Engage early in the buying process
  • Earn more qualified search engine traffic
  • Increase social sharing and engagement
  • Keep your site from looking stale and boring

Optimized content isn’t just pulled out of a hat. Our approach at Kitzmiller Media is to look at things from 50,000 feet and plan each post in advance using keyword research. Content marketing works best when you understand what your audiences are searching for.

We take a topic and turn it upside down in order to avoid producing boring, same-old content. Creativity goes a long way when writing something unique and memorable.

Writing is what we really enjoy. Armed with keyword research and a plan, we craft remarkable content that search engines love. More importantly, your audiences will enjoy reading your blog and share it with others.

Each post is then carefully tested against strict, Google-worthy guidelines. With proper formatting, your post has a much better chance of getting discovered online.

We rolled out a new service recently that will help you profit from optimized content written exclusively for your business. We write it, you take all the credit! Get all the benefits of content marketing without all the hard work.

If you’re up for a boost in traffic and an increase in internet authority, take a look at our booster packs of optimized content. There’s a plan for everyone. We’re also offering a free blog post so you can review our work. It’s a great opportunity to test the waters. If you have any questions about our approach or content marketing in general, leave a comment below.

As always, thanks for reading!