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Time to Celebrate!

Last year I was determined to level up my online marketing skills.

Google offered four courses focused on how to use website data to better understand visitor behavior. I enrolled in all four and finished with a certificate of completion for each program. This means I can better help my clients analyze and improve overall website performance.

My new certifications include:

  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals – Core principles of digital analytics, including how to build a useful measurement plan for your business and how to get started with Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Platform Principles – How to use Google Analytics to collect and organize business data needed for reporting and analysis.
  • Ecommerce Analytics – Useful reporting and analysis techniques to help your ecommerce business make informed decisions using Google Analytics data.
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – How to use Google Analytics to help businesses make mobile apps more discoverable and more profitable.

What are your plans for self-improvement in the future? Make a commitment to level up your skills and let me know so we can celebrate your achievements. Good luck![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]