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I realize being successful is somewhat subjective considering we all have our own definition of success. But when it comes to websites, I think we can all agree on a loose definition; more business.

Whatever your “business” might be there are tactics that make any website more successful. Here are 4 habits of successful websites that will help your business become more profitable.

Successful websites are addicted to blogging.

There’s nothing worse than visiting a website only to realize it hasn’t been updated in years. The copyright date still says 2008. What does that say about the business?

Successful websites are addicted to blogging. By producing informative content on a regular basis you let your visitors know you are a thought leader in your industry and you care about educating your visitors.

Generating fresh content frequently is also a great way to be found by search engines. Google loves blogs. Your business is rewarded for producing original content. Build it and they will come.

Successful websites are addicted to SEO.

If you already added a blog to your business website and are posting at least once a month, you’re halfway there. SEO is really a semantic strategy in which you use keywords and topics that align with your customers needs.

By using targeted keywords throughout your site and on your blog, you will begin to appear more often among search results for those terms. Successful websites produce well written content laced with industry specific keywords.

Successful websites are addicted to giving it away.

Do you have a mentor or a teacher to thank for your success? Sure, we all do. Those people took the time to give you practical advice. Free advice. Advice that would eventually help you succeed.

Now that you’re a big shot, it’s time to pay it forward. Successful websites offer visitors free advice. This often comes in the form of a free download or video on subjects your audience cares about.

These pieces are similar to blog content, but they are usually more substantial. Some websites require visitors to register or submit an email address before accessing the free piece. This way you build your email database while building your business. Plus, you gain the trust of your target market by positioning yourself as a thought leader. People do business with businesses they trust.

Here’s some homework. Think about the most common problem your customers have. Now write a 2 or 3 page document outlining ways they can overcome that problem. Bundle this information in an attractive PDF and attach it to an email autoresponder. When they signup for the free piece they will get an automatic reply with a link to the PDF. You don’t have to do a thing. Beautiful isn’t it?

Successful websites are addicted to analytics.

Think about all that time and money you put into your website. Wouldn’t you like to know how well it’s performing, or not performing for that matter?

Detailed traffic reports reveal all kinds of actionable data including how many visitors you have, what they viewed, where they came from and what they’re searching for. Stop wondering if your investment is working and start analyzing valuable data.

Armed with this information you can begin to optimize your website for better results. For instance, imagine the data reveals that many of your visitors are coming from Australia. You could profit from that information by launching a targeted pay per click ad in parts of Australia that advertise your product or service.

What is your website addicted to? Have you had some success you want to share? Drop a comment below and let us know what’s working and what’s not. We love to hear from our readers.